We love

Exploring Britain

Staying in great places

Eating local


Being outdoors


Respecting nature




This blog started out as a proper lockdown project.

When we craved for the outdoors, we first decided to share our past adventures on Instagram just to remind us of all the great things we have seen in the last 15 years.

But one thing led to another.

This blog not only signifies our past but also reflects our hopes and aspirations.

We write about the places we have visited and about the places we want to visit. This blog is also our bucket list!

Most photographs are our own, taken with an Iphone 8 (for the fact lovers!).

So, why not join us on our travels through the UK!

Do send us your recommendations because we love to be inspired by other ramblers.

You can contact us via hello@coolplacesbritain.com.