The National Trust’s Lydford Gorge, located in Dartmoor National Park, is said to be the deepest gorge in the South West.

Well at least in Devon.

The Lydford Gorge trail starts off high above the River Lyd, dropping down to the hundred-foot White Lady Waterfall.

The trail returns along the opposite bank to the whirlpools of the Devil’s Cauldron, near the main entrance.

It takes around 2.5 hours to complete and it is quite challenging with narrow slippery paths and steep drops.

It operates on a one-way system due to the nature of the paths.

Be aware that once you start the trail you cannot retrace your steps back to the entrance.

This impressive gorge is a perfect day out in all seasons because the flora in the gorge changes with every season.

Because the site is maintained by the National Trust there is ample parking space and a wonderful tearoom.

Images by Cool Places Britain
Lydford village

Just off the main road through Lydford village you can also explore Lydford Castle.

A square Norman keep that, until 1800, was used as a prison for offenders against the Stannary (tin mines).

You should include the beautiful St Petrocks church!


After visiting Lydford Gorge we headed for Brentor. This iconic landmark is a must-see.

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